The world may at times be filled with trying moments, ones that force many to retreat. However, we should have it in mind that this world remains as our battle field, on which we have to stay and fight for victory. There is a saying that goes like….”Hope springs eternal”, Alexander Pope (1688-1744). Yah, it’s hope that brings strength, optimism, transparent ways to achievement, knowledge, achievement, and finally appreciation.

In a more elaborate way, hope works as below;

It’s through hope that strength springs, whenever one is hopeful about achieving what they desire, strength arises within them. The belief in the possibility of being in position to do anything for the best result grows. That in-built strength is used to try out one thing from the other without giving up, until something positive is reaped, which is a powerful outcome of hope.

Hope builds optimism, optimism is a positive belief. Hope and optimism go hand-in-hand, when one has hope for achievement, he or she gains a positive mind about what she or he needs, and believes in the existence of possibilities to reach a set goal. Hopeful people are often happy due to undoubtedly believing in their formula of achievement.

Hope and transparency, through hope, the mind is open to many ways that can lead to great achievement. Hopeful people often seek advice, and also learn from the mistakes of the experienced individuals who have once been in the same situation as theirs. The ability to try every possible means to achievement is risen in them, without fear of making mistakes. Remember, “the one who has never made a mistake has never tried something new”. In case of success, they share these steps to success with those who need them. It is therefore the power of hope that leads to trying out new ways to achievement.

Knowledge through hope, the eagerness to learn new ways to achievement often expose us to new ideas. You could ask a friend for advice, or take a new step by yourself which could work for you, hence gaining knowledge on how to carry out certain tasks.

Achievement from hope, after you have pushed, dag, self-driven yourself into various methods of succeeding, it is all that belief……. “you will make it”….. getting you to your goal.

Finally, we learn to appreciate ourselves for not giving up, for  how strong and hopeful we are when we achieve. We also appreciate friends and family for encouraging and assisting us in any way in the course of the journey to goal attainment.

Believe it or not, there’s nothing as strong as hope. It is very unfortunate that some things may not work out as expected even if we try again and again, but hope shouldn’t be lost. A positive mind makes its own way, therefore we should never give up easily because where there is light, there are shadows too but keep our focus on the light.


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