The Catholic Church strongly honors Seven Sacraments, and today we had the pleasure to celebrate Solemn Holy Communion which was received by over 227 children. The occasion was presided over by Father John Bosco Lugobe as the main celebrant at St. Agnes Church Kibuye Makindye Parish, Uganda.


In front of the Altar, “I promise to continue following Christ and strongly reject satan “, the children swore as they renewed the commitments they made at Baptism, the first Holy Sacrament. This they did after speaking out loud their Christian names, with candle light and Holy Bibles held high.

With joyous hand clapping, Angel-like gospel music from the choir, the congregation was so excited for the little Angels.

Fr. Lugobe took the opportunity to remind parents about choosing the right names for their children, names with good Christian meaning, and this after children saying out their names in the course of the swearing. He also reminded the congregation to prepare their hearts for the coming of Christ, because this is a season of the Advent of Christ in which we celebrate Christmas on 25th December, the day for Christ’s birth, and the second coming of Christ which is unknown to all of us.


For a month, the children were taught by their Catechists about the importance of repentance or confession, mastering prayers, and keeping a righteous heart for Christ to prevail in them.

At the end of Liturgy, the children of the day, parents, Catechists, together with Fr. Lugobe took group photos with smiles wide. Oh! What an exciting day it was!


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