The beauty of the world depends on human actions, and that’s why its important for each and everyone of us to respect and protect the environment. With this, I am pointing at conservation of the environment.

It can’t be denied that the main reason for deforestation, swamp reclaiming, and many activities in the world, in relation to the environment are all for human survival, but origin has to stay. It is quite clear that rain forests are very vital in formation of rainfall, but some forest areas in Uganda are being deforested to create land for agriculture, for fuel, construction, which all for survival. for a very good cause, however this has led to unpleasant changes in the climate.

That’s why its reasonable if we take initiative in restoring what was lost, to improve on the geography of the world. I gladly commend Makerere University for being a good example in environmental conservation, and for encouraging students to take part in activities related to restoration of the environment.

On 22nd October, 2016, 300 Makerere University, College of Veterinary Medicine, animal Resources and Biosecurity (CoVAB) students participated in the World Record Making of planting 10,000 bamboo trees in 1 hour in Kayunga District, Uganda. Although these students’ activity had an element of gaining publicity by considering them for inclusion in the World Book of Records, it was for a very good cause; forest reformation and climate improvement which had tremendously declined due to deforestation.  This activity was a students initiative acknowledged by the University.

Environmental conservation responsibility is both yours and mine, take initiative.



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