Gone are the days when people had no choice of communication, where they had to walk up to whoever they needed to deliver a message, or shout on top of their voices for the recipient to hear. Fortunately, in this digital error, various communication applications promoting easy communication have been invented by the wise men of the world. These communication applications include;

LAN Messengers, which stands for Local Area Network Messengers. These are free communication applications which enable individuals or participants to chat within their local area network without the need for any internet connection. The local area network could be your office, where all your workmates are connected to the office network; it could also be a family network in your home for instant communication. However, wiring is required for the application to work. LAN Messengers are great on Windows such as 7, 8, and 10.

There are various LAN Messenger soft wares that are a product of a changing and more interactive world, but I will pick on Squiggle to be the one LAN Messenger good for your small office because of its user friendly nature based on its features.

Squiggle doesn’t require a server to run, since it’s an internet-free and an open communication source for participants, this is favorable for employers and employees to communicate instantly while at work, without any need to worry about internet costs. It’s just a matter of downloading this application and running it for instant messaging among added participants on your office network.

There is a saying by Nelson Mandela that goes by, “if you talk to a man in a local language he understands, that goes to his head, and if you talk to him in his own language, that goes to heart,” I brought up that saying because of squiggle’s support in translating any file in a foreign language to a local one understood by participants for effective communication. It is important for your workmates to feel a sense of belonging, therefore the way you communicate with them matters. Squiggle being an interactive offline platform, you could have a private or group chat in any language that your employees feel attached to whenever you like, since workmates be a part of your life, and that’s why it’s cool for your small office.

Squiggle supports fast file transfers. The files could be in digital form, such as images, they could be PDFs, Word Documents, Videos, and Audios. It is no coincidence that there may be need to share certain files while in office for quick accomplishment of tasks. So, since squiggle supports file sharing, then there is no need for body locomotion in delivering something to work mates. Squiggle is fast and instant in sharing information and files among members on your small office network.

Squiggle’s “spell check” feature, while chatting with participants on your network, there may be typing errors in the course of those offline conversations. However, squiggle alerts users on wrongly written spellings and provides the right spelling to replace the wrongly typed one, which makes this application preferable for your small office.

This application also supports voice chats. Voice chats could be important during the need for immediate and clear delivery of a message. As human beings, we often quickly understand a directly heard message compared to a written one. A voice note could express emotion for people on your office network to understand and keep at heart.

Ability to send a broadcast message through squiggle to all participants on the office network, in case one needs to send the same message to all his work mates, they receive the message at the same time, and instantly which saves time, hence squiggle being the one LAN Messenger in your small office.

Squiggle also has a simple and straight forward user interface. This is good for your small office because it can also easily be understood by newly added members on your network. It’s just a matter of choosing your display name, as a participant, and your group name, and finally signing in, to begin your chats.

While in office, some tasks may need a more focused mind and so, squiggle LAN Messenger is great at promoting a favorably quiet environment for work. Less busy active participants on the network can have silent fun by using emoticons for expression of emotions, videos, and audios,  without inconveniencing their busy fellows, hence a cool application for your small office.

Like any other messenger applications, Squiggle LAN Messenger supports profile updates. In case one doesn’t want to be bothered while in office, he or she could just update his or her status to “not available”, and this will actually be understood by work mates. One can also choose to have any image for quick identification, and that’s why squiggle LAN Messenger could be the one for your small office.

At times, office work requires reference to some files. So, because of Squiggle’s ability to save chats and files, members could access these by just checking in their chat history for reference of their current work, which makes this LAN Messenger a great one for your small office.

In this digital age, technology keeps changing, with the invention of LAN Messengers bringing about offline instant communication among members on a particular network. Squiggle LAN Messenger is one of a kind since it doesn’t even require installation, leave alone the soft wares that need a server or internet connection that require data charges, Squiggle is free, it’s just a matter of wiring your communication source, and you are good to go. Can you imagine instantly chatting without charges, expressing yourself in any desired manner using emoticons, sharing files with any size, images, and many more! Indeed Squiggle is the one LAN Messenger good for your small office.



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