You are a regular WordPress user; you love publishing, and enjoy reading articles on this web publishing software in your free time. With just a glance at your smart phone, laptop, or tablet, you start thinking of an interesting idea for a story, but suddenly a WordPress update notification pops up on your screen.

Before starting the WordPress update, you need to prepare for it so that everything in the process works out well for you. So, how can you prepare for the next WordPress update?

Make sure you have enough internet package and stable internet connection.

It is important for you to have enough internet package for updating your WordPress, because this software has a great deal of files that make it usable and heavy depending on the version. Your internet connection also matters; updating this software requires fast and stable internet flow to quicken the update. Slow connection often slows down the updating process and becomes irritating as well.

Back up the WordPress.

Backing up helps you to store your WordPress information so that in case of losing anything in relation to the software during the updating process, you can still restore your information.

Delete some unwanted files from your phone, computer, or tablet.

You may have many unneeded files on your gadget, some of which may have automatically downloaded. They could be images, audios from friends through watsapp, or unwanted applications. These take up the storage space on your gadget with limited memory, and therefore you need to create storage space for the WordPress update for a smooth running of the process without inconveniences like limited storage space.

Clean all software bugs from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Software bugs are errors, these can cause a program behave in unexpected ways or even crash. Bugs can possibly inconvenience the WordPress update in case they are present in your gadget, therefore cleaning these out of your computer, phone, or tablet saves you from unexpected errors while updating the WordPress.

Check for the latest WordPress version.

In this digital era, technological inventions keep happening. WordPress as a publishing software is developed continuously to make it more interesting for the users. It is made available in different versions, with one of the latest being the 4.6.1 version, and it’s over 7 megabytes. Having to check for the latest WordPress version in preparation for its update, helps you not to miss out on anything that can be used to make your site interesting or professional in case you are a writer.

It takes a little more effort to gain what you want. Therefore you could have a great experience with using WordPress in blogging or getting information, if you consider updating it. Thanks to for taking heed in developing the software! However, as writers, preparation for the next WordPress update is important for this publishing software so as to avoid irritations and have the best update result.




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