Excited I felt, but uncomfortable it is. This festive season is under very hot temperatures,….should I call it global warming? In an elaborate way, global warming is the gradual increase of the earth’s temperature due to accumulation of green house gases in the atmosphere.

In Uganda, we often experienced fair weather conditions in the past years, but 2016 has turned out to be unpredictable. This I mean, even with heavy rain showers causing floods on a specific day, the next will be a very hot day. This unpredictable climate change has hindered planting. Even with planting after a couple of rain showers, crops grew, but dried up eventually due to too much sun shine. Mhh! What a mass destruction!

We so much expected to plant in November, because it used to be rainy. December, the festive season too used to be having fair climatic conditions, but this 2016 festive season has turned out to be “so under” global warming with so much unwanted experiences such as;

too much sunshine, lifeless plants raised above a very hard and dry ground, dusty houses, uncomfortable feeling while asleep in the night. With just a glance at the skies, so much dense cloud cover that one can barely see the stars. Not to forget the never boiled warm water at bath, dusty atmosphere causing flu and cough, and finally very unwanted warm winds.

It is indeed a global warmed festive season! According to Live Science, 2016 is so far the hottest year. Live Science, in their 2016 article on Global Warming: News, Facts, Causes and Effects, also puts it that scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate carrying out global warming research recently predicted that average global temperatures could increase between 1.4 and 5.8 degrees centigrade by year 2100.

The major causes of such very hot climatic conditions recently is deforestation. People in Uganda have cut down many trees which has hindered rain formation. The act of deforestation is taken by those constructing houses, and the need for fuel as a major source of energy in Uganda, in form of charcoal, and firewood.

Swamps have rampantly been reclaimed by people which tampers with formation of favorable climatic conditions, yet these swamps are important in rain formation as well.

In addition to the latter, exhaust fumes from factories and cars are so excess all contributing to air pollution and accumulation of green house gases leading to global warming.

However, Uganda’s government should endeavor to fight these problems and engage in acts of reafforestation, sensitizing and encouraging people to plant more trees, relocating and preventing people from settling in swampy areas.

With the above acts considered, the problem of global warming could tremendously be dealt with, and we could have more climatically favorable and joyful festive seasons in more years to come.




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