Gone are the days when people had to keep their matters of concern to themselves.

In this 21 century, gratitude goes to Mark Zuckerberg who utilized his God-given creativity together with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students to develop and finally launched Facebook from Harvard’s dormitory rooms.


Many people use Facebook in a number of ways which include; advertising, chatting, for news, entertainment, and to some people, it’s good for education. For companies, Facebook is really a vital platform for communicating to their extended publics.

However, to my surprise corn men and stalkers adore this platform. I am very sure that it’s not only the men who corn this time round; women are leading in this category of manipulators. Pity goes to the innocent humans out there who get so excited over owning a Facebook account and only find themselves falling into the ditch of the many idle minds. Yes, corn men and corn women are also idle minded. Seriously, how does someone wake up in the morning and start manipulating others for no good reason, more over using such a platform like Facebook which could be used for better things for developing the nation?

And for the stalkers, obsession is their thing. Since many good looking men and women love being seen on Facebook, I suppose stalkers see them most. Remember some of your credentials are laid out in your profile, so stalkers can easily take this opportunity to follow up some ones where abouts.

A woman facebooking
A woman facebooking

Mmhh! Can you imagine that Facebook is falling victim of pornography advertising? And attaching innocent souls to such erotic videos? No wonder the Ugandan government is taking collective action to find ways of limiting Pornographic actions through the Anti-Pornography Bill,2011. But the problem that stays is that Facebook is an international platform and this staff can find ways onto people’s eyes.

Now, to still take note, Facebook is a magnificent platform for violence insighters. I remember the days when Makerere University students struck, the insighting actually always started on a facebook public page, “Makerere University Students Guild”. Students always utilize this page to discuss what they want to be done, with striking for a common cause inclusive. When any one commented against the riot, a bunch of abuses would follow his or her comment. Unbelieveable!

Some Facebook users even love telling the public their daily routine of activities and I guess these are really adored by stalkers. You can imagine how someone wakes up and posts how he or she brushed her teeth, took heavy breakfast, and so on.

This reminds me of the time during the Journalism and Communication 2016 Finalists Dinner of Makerere University students, which was held on 29th April, 2016 at Imperial Royale Hotel Kampala, when Andrew Mwenda who was one of the panelists at the event said that Facebook is no longer the right platform for news and anything serious. I suppose that his comment was due to the reflection of the rapidly raising number idle minds of Facebook users.

Having started off desirably in the early 2000s, Facebook content is recently becoming untrusted by serious individuals and organizations due to the raising idle minded users who post and use it for various unwanted activities, although socialization is guaranteed on this platform.




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