iPhone 7: It’s time for innovation and reinvention, not gimmicks

When the iPhone first debuted back in 2007, it was both an innovative and disruptive product. Here was a smartphone that had no physical keyboard, but instead was built from the ground up to be driven by a finger. It featured a design that would be copied, ripped off, and emulated by all the players in the smartphone market.

iphone 7
iphone 7

See also: iPhone 5se: Sense, or nonsense?

But the iPhone is also a classic example of how a market leader can afford to take its time when it comes to releasing new features. The history of the iPhone is one of gradual improvements punctuated by short bursts of innovation and reinvention. Whether you’re a fan of Apple or not, it’s impossible to deny the fact that Apple’s innovations have dramatically shaped the smartphone industry, giving us;

  • touchscreen devices
  • multitouch display
  • Face Time
  • Siri
  • app stores
  • apps
  • retina displays
  • an expectation of regular updates
  • fingerprint scanners that transformed the way we secure our devices

We’ve also seen some reinvention, specifically relating to the user interface, software, and display size. The march of progress has at times been glacially slow (remember how long it took for Apple to bring cut/copy/paste to the iPhone?), but it has been sustained.

But it’s also impossible to deny that Apple has also peddled a lot of lame gimmicks over the years. It’s taken its obsession with making products thinner and lighter to crazy extremes (to the detriment of other, more useful features such as increased battery life and durability). Plus different colors (specifically the iPhone 5c), and features such as 3D Touch and Live Photos are little more than consumer eye candy. see more;http://www.zdnet.com/article/iphone-7-its-time-for-innovation-and-reinvention-not-gimmicks/



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